Besides clichés, silicone pads and printing inks SICATECH provides a broad range of machine accessories and consumables that improves and simplifies the process.

Ink cups

One of the most important components in achieving a high quality pad print is the ink cup. We manufacture ink cups suitable for most printing machines on the market, usually with a better performance.

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Sicatech ink cups

In addition to machine adapted ink cups, SICATECH has developed a series of ink cups with covered magnets around the edge of the ring. This series of ink cups is much easier to clean and can be mounted and adapted to all machines on the market.

Ink cups and rings – PDF


Our range of rings includes both ceramic and carbide rings suitable for most machines on the market. If we do not have a ring suitable to your needs we will customize one for you.

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Viscomix™ - automatic ink viscosity systems

A printing ink can of course not be delivered ready to print; thinner must always be added according to the prevailing production conditions and adjusted during production.

The viscosity of the ink is crucial to the printing results and to minimize production disruptions. The solvent in the ink vaporizes by heat and ventilation even by the friction heat from the ink and the ink cup during printing. Viscomix™ continuously measures ink viscosity and doses and mixes thinner according to the chosen viscosity value. Even when using 2 component inks, the use of the ink is extended. Viscomix™ is available as an option for our printing machines and is recommended for long print series.

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Ink mixing and cleaning accessories

Our range includes ink mixing cans, ink mixing sticks, beakers, PMS and RAL ink charts, etc. Also complete ink mixing and thinner booth.

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Cleaning tape

We provide the most common types and dimensions of cleaning tapes; we also help to find other widths and lengths according to your needs.

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Sicatech magnetic quick release

Magnetic quick release makes it easy and quick to replace silicone pad while maintaining fixation (great when using multiple silicone pads when changing the rest as it is extremely important to have the same fixation). The quick release can also be combined with our customized bracket where the silicone pad cast directly on the steel base.

Padholder – PDF

Sicatech click attachment

In addition to standard sockets and magnetic fasteners, we have a clamp bracket where the silicone pad is cast directly onto the steel socket (customized), making it easy to change the silicone pad in a few seconds without any screw mounting or adjustment and thus a minimum of shutdown. The click fastening system also includes customized packaging for delivery of silicone pads and return sockets.

Padholder – PDF

Artwork and accessories

We have years of experience designing various product brands and are happy to help in the development of original and artwork production. In our studio we can carry out all sorts of work, from the setting of text to the production of complicated originals. We also provide laser print film for the user’s own manufacture of clichés.