On 25th May 2018, the new EU law GDPR entered into force.

It is a new data protection regulation that applies throughout the EU and replaces the previous Personal Data Act (PUL). The law is intended to protect the privacy of individuals and is intended to modernize, harmonize and strengthen protection within the EU

Our customers and suppliers are largely just companies. SICATECH A/S saves information in our customer register such as: company name, address, organization number, telephone number, e-mail address and name of contact person.

As telephone number, e-mail address and name of contact person are counted as personal information, we are obliged to inform about this. According to the so-called Balance of Interest, we believe that there is an interest in us to save this information.

To be able to have a dialogue with our customers and suppliers, deliver goods to the right person / company or to inform our customers via e-mail about upcoming news in our range.

We intend to save this information as long as we have a relevant supplier / customer relationship.

Balance of interests.
It may be permitted to process personal data after a balance of interests. It is then required that the processing is necessary for legitimate interests and that the data subject’s interest in the protection of his personal data does not outweigh. Children are considered to be particularly worthy of protection. Authorities cannot base their processing on a balance of interests when processing personal data as part of the performance of their tasks. Such processing may instead take place based on law or another statute (read more at under The Danish Data Protection Agency).
If the data subject objects to an ongoing processing, the person processing the personal data must strike a new balance of interests and discontinue the processing unless there are compelling legitimate reasons. If the data subject objects to processing that takes place for direct marketing, the processing must cease.

If you as a contact person do not want to be in our register, just contact us via this link:

Write who is to be deregistered, and we will delete all personal information regarding this person that we have in our customer register.