Delivery and payment terms

1. All prices apply excluding VAT.

2. Unless otherwise agreed, payment terms apply 30 days net after the invoice date.

3. In the event of late payment, interest on arrears will be charged.

4. Until the full payment is received, the product remains the property of SICATECH A/S.

5. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery terms apply freely ex works from Struer with the mode of transport chosen by SICATECH A/S.

6. Delivery time statements are based upon normal production conditions and in case of violation, claims or cancellations are not accepted.

7. Any comments on the delivery must be made within 8 days of receiving the item. Remarks after this time will not be accepted.

8. Defective goods are returned to SICATECH A/S for inspection. If the error is SICATECH A/S, SICATECH A/S will arrange this either through credit or replacement delivery. All other claims are excluded.

9. SICATECH A/S reserves the right to make technical changes to the product without notifying the buyer.

10. Prices are based on today’s cost structure. In the case of a change, SICATECH A/S reserves the right to adjust prices.

11. For goods delivered from abroad, the prices based on each country’s exchange rates at the time of quotation. SICATECH A/S reserves the right to adjust the sales price if the price at the time of payment changes by more than 2%.

12. Delivery and payment terms for delivery of goods are governed by SICATECH A/S’s written order confirmation. Other terms, statements or agreement are only valid if SICATECH A/S has approved them in writing.

13. The buyer’s terms of purchase, which deviate from SICATECH A/S’s delivery and payment terms, are only valid if SICATECH A/S has approved these in writing.

14. All disputes regarding delivery and payment shall be settled in accordance with Danish law on arbitration.