SICATECH offers high quality pad printing and corona systems. Our in-house automation department is with our many years of experience qualified to meet our customers requirements. Systems are designed to meet the customers application and specifications.

As the market for automated applications continues to grow in the decorating industry, this industry demands more from these systems than ever before. Our automation department provides a dedicated source, incorporating experienced personnel with advanced, efficient manufacturing techniques. Whether you need a stand-alone, turn-key automation or an in-line system, SICATECH has what it takes to deliver.

SICATECH has a state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment at our facility to produce automated printing and corona systems. The department consists of experienced designers and technicians, all working as a team. From program evaluation to complete documented precision engineered equipment, we offer complete automated solutions with superior quality and efficiency.

The SICATECH automation department points with pride to a long list of sophisticated systems designed to meet the automation requirements of our clients. We have successfully implemented equipment at many of our large corporate customers.

Contact the SICATECH automation department for your solution.

When you are ready to automate your process and take your decorating operations to the next level for increased output and improved quality, the SICATECH automation department is ready to help. Our experience covers a wide range of industries.

Based on your decorating or treating requirements, SICATECH´s automation department can build you a system customized to meet your needs.