Pad printing

Pad printing, the solution for printing on irregular surfaces. Pad printing is probably the most versatile of all printing processes due to its unique ability to print on three-dimensional objects and compound angles.

The pad printing process is based on 5 main components:

Printing pads: Pads are used to lift ink from the cliché and transfer it to a product.

Cliché: Clichés are steel or plastic plates with an etched print image.

Ink: Inks are based on 1 or 2 component ink, depending on their printing application.

Ink cups and rings: Doctoring floods the cliché with ink, then scrapes the surface, leaving only ink in the etched area.

Printing machine: Our printing machines bring all of the above together, with easy to use control panels. Some machines are equipped with multiple pads for multicolor printing.